Matt Waller lives in Chicago and is a consultant.  He’s partial to Notre Dame sports, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Browns, the Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks, Midwest League Baseball, and the Rust Belt in general.

Vincent Kwan lives in Michigan and is a researcher for a small consulting firm. Due to both Catholic guilt and a recovering addiction to Pitchfork, he spends a lot of time thinking about whether it’s okay to like things.

Cameron Daniels works as a financial analyst in Texas. Hailing from the Greater Providence area, he is obsessed with following the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics and lets you know it ad nauseum. His other interests include chess, Good Will Hunting, Pearl Jam and playing piano. He also currently writes for Don’t Quit Your Day Job, a personal finance website dedicated to the night and weekend crowd. You can contact him through e-mail.

Erick Brown lives in Chicago and is an analyst for an Ad Agency. His tendency to distract easily allows him to endlessly re-watch TV shows with consistent enjoyment. He has also never seen a twist ending coming and he’s better off for it.

Sarah Bennett hails from the Jersey Shore and has the big hair to prove it. She loves the Yankees and, after years of denial, now admits to enjoying college football. She currently works as a teaching assistant in NJ.


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