Weekend Miscellany Part II: Vincent and Cameron’s Picks

Rounding down the weekend with a movie-heavy dose of links.

Vincent’s Picks

  • Florida Man (on Twitter). If you’ve ever played “Florida or Ohio?”, odds are, smart money is usually on Florida. This twitter account keeps tab on all the hilarious/criminal/insane/horrific things that the ubiquitous “Florida Man” is up to. More than the actual stories themselves, simply the frequency of the account’s tweets is a little disturbing. If I wasn’t clear before, I’m fairly certain of which state I could do without in the Union.
  • The entire Criterion Collection of films. If you have nothing to do for the rest of the weekend (or have things or people you can easily shove aside), the entirety of the Criterion Collection is available for free streaming on Hulu.
  • The Space Jam box score.  In honor of MJ’s 50th birthday, take a look at an honest accounting of the Space Jam box score. The entire Monstars team is apparently comprised of 5 Blake Griffins.

Cameron’s Picks

  • “Criticizing Darth Vader’s Strategy at the Battle of Hoth” by Ilya Somin. If Darth Vader (or Admiral Ozzel) were a general in the U.S. Army, they would be rightly accused of completely botching the battle of Hoth (and the destruction of the first Death Star, mind you). How do they let them escape and why do they use those super slow crawler things?
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