Weekend Miscellany Part I: Erick and Matt’s Picks

coffeeSaturdays in February are generally pretty depressing. Erick and Matt have some links to keep you occupied. Mixing it up with a combination of videos and articles.

Erick’s Picks

  • Beck Does Bowie in Incredible Fashion (via Slate’s BrowBeat blog). A fascinating video on two parts. First of all, the way Beck approaches David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” is simply amazing, I get chills at the 3:08 mark every time. But my underlying fascination comes from the fact that this project was produced by Lincoln (the car company). Lincoln has been engaging in a wide-ranging new ad campaign that I have started following with some intrigue. It’s full of pieces like this that certainly don’t mesh with the traditional idea of Lincoln, but I like it. Possibly more to follow on this later.
  • David Cross, “The Pride is Back” — In a tie-in to my comments about stand-up comedy, here is David Cross’s “The Pride is Back” for your viewing pleasure.

Matt’s Picks

  • An archive of longreads about the making of movies (including Pulp FictionApocalypse Now, and more), from the great people at Longform.org. Want to spend an entire day getting smarter? Explore all the articles/essays collected on Longform. 
  • “The Beatles of Comedy” by David Free. Free’s article on Monty Python explores their origins and legacy, offering some great insights about political correctness and taboos in today’s comedy scene vs. Python’s era. 
  • “Get Used to Deadspin Scooping Your Old Media Idols” by Connor Simpson.  A nice, quick read by Simpson that explores Deadspin’s emerging role as a breaker of some of the biggest sports news, and how Deadspin is raising the ire of some longstanding, traditional media outlets. In the wake of Deadspin’s excellent coverage of the Manti Te’o saga — which introduced Deadspin to much of the general public — this is certainly a timely read.
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